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The Cutout Dress Is the Summer’s Hottest Trend – Here Are 18 Ways to Try It

The cutout dress has had a very 2021 makeover, and we are here for it. This year, we're seeing cutouts everywhere, and they're getting...

Consider This Your Personal Shopping Guide For Kiara’s Outfits on Outer Banks Season 2

Is your wallet handy? 'Cause season two of Outer Banks just hit Netflix, and Kiara (Madison Bailey) serves up major outfit inspiration in every....

25 Old Navy Staples That Bring Endless Mix-and-Match Possibilities to Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe staples are classic pieces for a reason . . . well, for several reasons. Let's think about a white tee, great jeans, and...


Delta Variant and Travel Restrictions in Europe: What to Know

Curfews, requirements, conflicting advice. As variants like Delta spread, rules and restrictions are popping up across the continent and staying informed can feel...
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Defiant Health podcast: The Loss of Empathy (and how to bring it back)

I posted the latest episode of my Defiant Health Podcast. You can find it here or through your favorite podcast provider. It is estimated that,...

High transmissibility of the Delta variant: Why it’s so contagious

The Delta variant is one of the most contagious respiratory illnesses. Find out why it’s easily transmissible.The Delta variant is one of the most...

Delta’s threat: CDC reveals data on why masks are important for the vaccinated and unvaccinated

Fully vaccinated people made up nearly three-quarters of cases that occurred in a Massachusetts town around Fourth of July, CDC study shows.Fully vaccinated...

Biden is requiring federal workers to show proof of vaccination or do regular COVID tests

Federal employees will be required to show they are fully vaccinated or be forced to undergo regular COVID tests and submit to safety measures.Federal...

DeSantis will allow optional face masks in Florida schools; CDC report shows mounting evidence about dangerous delta variant: Latest updates

The CDC, in an internal presentation, is warning that the delta variant is substantially more contagious than others. Latest COVID-19 updates.The CDC, in an...
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These are the best Pokémon games for iPhone and iPad

There are many Pokémon games on the and the iPad. Although people are always trying to turn their iPhone into a GameBoy, here...

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